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For all that came to celebrate with me at the Swedish Embassy, thank you for coming and enjoying a beautiful day. For everyone else here are pictures and a link to more pictures. I also wanted to talk briefly about Windows XP retiring and the next version of Windows 8 called 'Blue'.


On April 13, 2013 we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the founding of Invario Network Engineers and the founding of the GW Rowing Invitational. We enjoyed a beautiful day on the roof top of the Swedish Embassy overlooking the rowing race course. Thanks again to all of our customers and supporters who helped make the 25th Anniversary possible. Aside from sunburn on my face I could not have hoped for a better event! TO SEE ALL PICTURES FROM THE EVENT.

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Invario Washington DC

On the roof top of the House of Sweden looking down on the finish line of the crew races finishing

Invario Washington DC

Roof top of the House of Sweden as seen from the river

Invario Washington DC

From left to right. Patrick Nero - GW Athletic Director, Dave Wilson, Steven Knapp - GW President

Invario Washington DC

From left to right. Fran Dattilo, GW Mascot, Dave Wilson


Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. Windows XP was introduced on August 25th 2001 and the last service pack 3 was introduced in April 2008. It has been five years since a major update has been released for Windows XP. Windows XP has certainly been a very popular and successful operating system, however it is showing signs of obsolesce. The major issue we at Invario Network Engineers have been running into with Windows XP is the fact that it is very vulnerable to viruses and malware. Windows XP lacks the User Account Control (UAC) that was introduced with Vista (certainly not a popular feature at the time) and has matured in Windows 7 and 8 to be an effective protection against the installation of unwanted programs.


Invario Washington DC

In accordance with these developments, Invario will discontinue worry-free support of Windows XP on October 8th 2013. If you have workstations running Windows XP under a Worry-Free IT contract, there could be an additional charge for support of these workstations after October 8th 2013. We encourage our customers to retire or upgrade workstations running Windows XP in the next 5 months.

Microsoft has announced Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 that will be released this Fall. It will be a free upgrade for all current Windows 8 users. One of the major changes will be the addition of an Optional Start Button and boot to Windows Desktop. What this will mean is that for corporate desktop users it will look and feel like windows 7. However, the start screen, active panels and other "under the hood" enhancements will still be there and ready for when the rest of the world catches up.

Microsoft claims that the disruption of Windows 8 was necessary to keep windows from being overrun by the next new competitor. They claim that customers do not always know what they want and despite claims to the contrary are willing to adapt. Here is an article from Steve Sinofsky the Windows 8 product manager at Microsoft.

Meanwhile, if you already have Windows 8 and want a Start button, you can have one for $5 at a company called stardock.


If you know of a company that would be interested in the services of Invario Network Engineers, please reply to this e-mail with your suggestions, and with whom we should contact.

That is all you will have to do! Upon receipt of the first payment from a new customer, Invario will pay 10% of the retainer or labor portion of the first project to the referring person or company. If a new customer signs up for a Worry-Free IT or Server contract the referring party would receive the equivalent of one month of the agreed to contract.

Recipients that cannot or do not wish to receive a referral payment may elect to have the referral fee donated to a charity of their choice or put into a company entertainment fund.


If there is an IT topic you would like to know more about please e-mail me your suggestions.

Dave Wilson