Network Engineers

Network Engineers have at least one year of computer consulting experience and have passed certification exams toward the Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification (MCSE). They are experienced in workstation operating systems in a networked environment . On-site support is provided in 30-minute increments. Travel time to the client’s site will be charged.

Senior Network Engineers

Senior Network Engineers have at least four years of computer consulting experience, are MCSEs, and have other relevant experience and certifications. They have all the qualifications of a network engineer, plus server experience, advanced problem solving skills, and project management experience. On-site support is a 2 hour minimum charge.
  • Off-site support – Provided in 15-minute increments. This includes telephone and remote support.
  • Overtime – Support outside of normal business hours (8AM to 6PM EST during non-holiday weekdays) is provided at time and one-half.
  • Materials – Invario may supply hardware and software at a competitive price.