Strategic IT Consulting

Invario’s IT Consulting Services

With over 26 years of small business IT consulting, Invario can provide expert technical support for all of your IT projects. Whether you need a one-time network assessment, strategic planning, or even temporary CIO/CTO support, we’ve got you covered. An Invario engineer, not a sales person, will work with you to determine the scope of your project. We can provide a fixed cost or estimate of labor for the project, as well as an estimated timeframe.

Some of our typical projects include network design and build, server migrations, and support for annual IT planning and budgeting.

How it works:

  1. First, we ask a lot of questions about what you are trying to accomplish to determine that we are providing a solution that meets your goals. At this stage we are able to give you ballpark cost estimates to let you know whether the solution is in your price range.
  2. Once you agree on a solution, we ask a lot more questions about the existing infrastructure to determine how the solution is going to fit into your environment. Often this involves a site visit.
  3. Next, we break the project down into all of its components.
  4. Then we provide a list of hardware and software you will need, and we help you with the ordering process. (Software licensing can be very confusing and costly if not done right.)
  5. Then we provide a detailed list of steps that we perform to install and integrate your solution with a fixed cost.
  6. Finally, upon your acceptance (we ask for a deposit before starting with new customers) we schedule the work to be done at your earliest convenience.