Working For Invario

The Invario Network Engineer

Invario Network Engineers have a current certification such as CompTIA A+, Security +, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA). We primarily work with Microsoft products, and this certification verifies that you have the background knowledge to support the kinds of systems that our clients use. Experience is important. Have you supported a business network or end users? Are you familiar with the problems that can occur, and do you know how to maintain a system? Do you know where to go to get technical help?
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We also look for “technical curiosity.” We like someone who enjoys finding out how things work. Maybe you like souping up your car with the latest technical gadgets. Maybe you like PC gaming so much that you set up online gaming parties. Maybe you figured out how to make free long-distance phone calls with voice over IP, or maybe you have an interesting wireless solution involving your stereo and television. The important thing is that you gravitate toward solving technical problems because you get enjoyment out of solving them.

The hardest problems are never technical. You are able to explain problems and solutions to a customer, so they can understand what you are doing. You repeat what the customer is saying often, so they know that they are being heard. You are able to work with the politics of a client’s organization. If there is a problem, you don't look for blame. You look for a solution to the problem. When the issue is solved, you look to provide objective guidance to prevent the problem from happening again.

Do your friends consider you untrustworthy? Do you like to exaggerate the truth so people will think highly of you? If so, you are not a good fit at Invario. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty. You will provide an accurate accounting of your time doing work for a client. Our clients need to trust you with their business network. If they cannot, they will go somewhere else, and so will you.

As an Invario technician, we look for someone who takes ownership of their work and delivers on commitments. For example, if a client requests that you provide a diagram of their network, and you say, knowing that you have a busy evening scheduled, “sure, I will have it updated for you tomorrow morning,” you have set an expectation that you are unlikely to deliver on. Furthermore you have set the deadline yourself! It would be much better to say “sure, I will have it for you next week,” and deliver it three days later.

As an Invario Network Engineer you will have flexibility to set your own schedule. If you tend to procrastinate or need a boss to be constantly on your tail, then you will not work well here. A successful Invario engineer is able to manage their time well. They tend to be working on projects that are not yet time-sensitive. You cannot wait until the last minute to do your work, or you will be running around like a crazy person.

Benefits - We Offer A Great Benefits Package.

Invario is a fun, entrepreneurial environment in which to work. We offer many benefits not available at most companies.

The intent of these benefits is to make it easier to provide outstanding service to our clients, and to reduce the hassle and out-of-pocket expense to our employees. We understand that many of these perks have personal value as well as business use. We also understand that paying these benefits as a business expense reduces the tax cost to everyone.

Benefits Include:
  • Cell Phone - Invario pays for each Engineer to have a cell phone.
  • Tech Allowance - Invario allows their employees to spend up to $1000 annually on any piece of equipment that they find "technically interesting."
  • Mileage Reimbursement - Invario reimburses Engineers for mileage to and from clients at the standard government rate.
  • Metro Fare Cards - Invario will provide $33 Metro cards and/or “SmarTrip” Card to any Engineer on request.
  • Home Internet Access - Invario will pay up to $40 per month for a home Internet connection that is used for business purposes.
  • Parking - Invario issues each Engineer a Colonial Parking charge card.
  • Uber/Taxis - Invario will reimburse an Engineer for a ride when a receipt is provided.
  • Health Insurance - Invario contributes to an employee owned HSA.