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Image of credit card thief.

Cybersecurity Tips for Holiday Shopping

LET THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON BEGIN! It’s November. Like many of you, this means I’m looking forward to my annual Thanksgiving traditions – a morning Turkey […]

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Hurricane Florence

IT Tips for Natural Disasters

As Hurricane Florence approaches, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia have each declared a state of emergency. Thankfully, current forecasts predict that the brunt of […]

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Lock Icon symbolizing data protection

Do You Know What GDPR Stands For?

If you’re like me, you were recently bombarded with a slew of emails from companies that you do business with telling you all about their wonderful […]

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Cartoon image of masked man with cell phone.

Is Someone Spying on Your Cellphone?

You may have seen the news earlier this month. For the first time, the Department of Homeland Security publicly acknowledged the existence in Washington, DC of […]

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Invario technician recycles computers

Spring Cleaning – Time to (Securely) Dispose of All That Old Computer Equipment

As I travel to different customer sites, I often notice a lot of old computer equipment lying around, getting in the way, and generally taking up […]

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Meltdown and Spectre Meme

Meltdown and Spectre: The Bogeymen in Your Computer

In early 2018, computer researchers released findings about a hardware design flaw that affects the main chip in most modern computers—the CPU and impacts the security […]

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Take Control of Your Passwords

The answer is to start using a password manager, and I must say that this is going to be something that you rely on and use every day. Not only will this help you begin to setup unique passwords for all the site you logon to, but this gives you the ability to logon to sites you have not visited in years, places you forgot you even had an account.

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Smartphone Flashlight APP may be more than you want

Having information leave your phone on to an unknown third party without your knowledge or consent is certainly a violation of privacy, but when does it become a crime?

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Credit Cards Online – Buyer Beware!

These days a lot of us shop online and think nothing of punching in our credit card number to any web site that claims to sell what we are looking for.

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Holiday Invitation, Before & Afters

As Invario Network Engineers our job is to get the network working period. That being said, a network can be 100% operational, but still be in a state of chaos when it comes to the networking equipment and cabling.

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